Consumer Technical Services

Better than New, Just for You

It is our goal to make your personal computer repair as quick and effective as possible. In many cases, we can solve an issue you have had for a long time in just one day. We also go above and beyond, offering hardware upgrades and software tweaking to get your laptop in better shape than ever. We service nearly all desktops and laptops. Our primary services include: Free Evaluation If your computer is running slowly, has annoying popups, or is no longer meeting your needs, there’s a good chance that you do not need to buy a new computer. Before you spend a penny, bring your computer into our shop, where we will figure out exactly what’s going on before we take any action to correct it. PC Cleanups Don’t buy a new computer because your current one is running slowly. We can do a cleanup and get your computer running like new again in no time. Our PC cleanup process involves tuning up your computer to make it run like new again. Virus Removal All malware, spyware, and ransomware puts your personal files and important information at risk. Get malicious software removed from your computer along with premium antivirus configuration to prevent future incidents. Data Recovery If your exisiting computer no longer works or if you recently got a new computer to replace an exisitng one, bring your old PC to NWO and we can get your personal photos, documents, videos, and more brought over to a new computer or storage media. Rebuilds Get your PC up and running as good (if not better) with the latest software. This is useful for a clean start, replacing a corrupt operating system, or ensuring that all personal data is removed before you sell. Buy, Sell, & Recycle We offer a variety of fast, affordable, and quality refurbished PCs that come included with a six month NWO-backed hardware warranty! We also buy unused and unwanted computers and recycle computers that can’t be repaired or that no longer have value.

At NWO, we employ the best and brightest in the industry. NerdPros is our team of remarkable Information Technology experts. Their years of hands on experience with Microsoft and Apple environments give them the know-how to accurately diagnose and solve a wide range of consumer technical problems. If your computer runs slow, is visibly damaged, or in any way not functioning properly, our NerdPros team can identify your issue with ease. They will give you a plan of action tailored to your specific needs. They factor in things like your budget, time constraints and complexity of the problem before suggesting the next step. At NWO, we believe fostering a great relationship with the local community is the only way to succeed. Our technicians believe this as well, leading them to consistently recommend and execute plans that are most beneficial to you. They never sugarcoat an issue and are exceptionally transparent and straightforward, giving you all the information you need to make the best decision possible. In many cases, our NerdPros team can turnaround a broken laptop in the same day!