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Business IT Services

From planning to provisioning, we quickly and effectively bring your business up to speed. Our experts evaluate your current digital platform and provide unique avenues to make it better than new. No matter what services your business requires, our cost effective, innovative and reliable services give you an excellent return on your investment.

Cloud Services

Services like Cloud have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. Cloud uses the shared infrastructure of the internet to connect your phone calls, making it cheaper and more flexible than traditional telephone services. At NWO, we deliver and install cost-effective Cloud systems so your business can capitalize on this cutting-edge industry trend.

Consumer Technical Services

We offer the most effective and friendly computer repair services in the St. Louis area. Our same-day service professionals work with you to diagnose and solve the most complex issues, from simple cleanups to full PC rebuilds. We also specialize in virus removal and data recovery. No matter your repair needs, we’re well equipped to elevate your laptops effectiveness.

About NWO IT Services

Since 2008, we have brought the best IT services in the Midwest. Today, we are an industry-leading IT services company that provides everything from PC check-ups to on-site business system evaluation, design and implementation. Most of our success stems from our company’s primary mission: to support local St. Louis businesses and consumers by providing excellent customer service.

This mission induces a company-wide philosophy that balances innovative and reliable technical support with cost effective evaluation solutions and client service. Our strategic execution of dependable technologies and services is the key to NWO IT Services’ excellence.

At NWO no customer is too small, and problems are met with solid solutions.

Proud recipient of the Small Business Monthly “Best IT Firms 2016”.

NerdPros(tm) NWO IT Services St. Louis Business computer IT
At NWO, we employ the best and brightest in the industry. NerdPros is our team of remarkable Information Technology experts. Their years of hands on experience with Microsoft and Apple environments give them the know-how to accurately diagnose and solve a wide range of consumer technical problems.

If your computer runs slow, is visibly damaged, or in any way not functioning properly, our NerdPros team can identify your issue with ease. They will give you a plan of action tailored to your specific needs. They factor in things like your budget, time constraints and complexity of the problem before suggesting the next step.

At NWO, we believe fostering a great relationship with the local community is the only way to succeed. Our technicians believe this as well, leading them to consistently recommend and execute plans that are most beneficial to you. They never sugarcoat an issue and are exceptionally transparent and straightforward, giving you all the information you need to make the best decision possible.

In many cases, our NerdPros team can turnaround a broken laptop in the same day!

We know you have local choices for technical support. NWO provides a friendly, focused, and fast turn around on services. Compare us to Geek Squad, Micro Center and the Genius Bar.

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