Do you have free diagnostics?

We offer a free “evaluation”. Our standard diagnostics is $32.50, and the fee is waived if a repair is done to the device.

Can you recover my lost data?

That is a tricky question because there are different types of lost data. If you bring the device in we can see what we can recover.

Do you sell computers?

We do! We have a wide variety of refurbished computers with warranties.

Can you repair my broken laptop screen?

Each laptop screen is different, but if you bring the device to us we can give you a quote on how much it will cost to repair it.

Can you restore my email after a rebuild?

Depending on how your email was set up and as long as the drive isn’t completely corrupted then we can get your pst file, if it is Exchange then no recovery is needed, once we log in with credentials in outlook it will pull the email profile with all data.

Do I need to buy antivirus and or spyware protection?

No Windows 7 thru 10 comes with a protection software built in called Defender and is fully capable of protecting the computer and data.

Is there a backup solution that can run automatically and store offsite?

Yes, there are a few cloud solutions that we recommend that are very affordable and user friendly.

Can I come in and ask a general question without being charged?

Sure, we are here to help with hopes of being a technical contact for future work.

My computer is running slow, can you help?

Sure, we can help in most cases, if upgrading costs more compared to replacing the system, we will give you honest advice either way.

The big box store charged me a bunch of money and a yearly subscription, does NWO have fair prices and won’t make customers sign a yearly subscription?

Yes, NWO is priced a lot lower almost every time compared to the competition and no we don’t charge a subscription to get support. Plus we have excellent turnaround time.

If my computer is worked on and then a week later the same problem happens again, do I get charged again?

No, you don’t! When we service a computer and it comes back with same issue within 30 days we will not charge the customer again. All work is guaranteed.

My email is not syncing with my phone?

We can set your mobile device/phone to sync with your desktop. Just bring it in.

I can’t print or scan, since the last time regular updates ran.

Sometime updates that were installed can cause communication issues with other applications or devices. Check the driver for the device having the issue.

My Outlook is not working? I am unable to search emails, not receiving certain emails or unable to read attachments?

This could be several things from a corrupt email profile, search index, bad port number. You can start there.

I can’t access my mapped drive?

The path has been removed. Check the network status and if it is private or public. If public switch to private.

I would like to keep certain programs, but I still want to upgrade my computer?

Yes, that is possible in most cases you will need the license key or original install disks.

Can I still buy a computer with Windows 7?

We can provide you with a refurbished computer with Windows 7 thru 10.

I really like my laptop, could I just have it upgraded?

In some cases, yes! It depends on the hardware age and specification. Also, if the cost to upgrade makes sense.

What is the difference between regular Phone service and VoIP?
  • A regular phone system requires POTTs line and a physical phone system to manage and maintain. Usually the costs are for the POTTs lines (analog lines), the hardware that is the phone system (mounted on your wall), maintenance for the system and the individual phones to keep them current, and the cost for long distance or metro charges. It isn’t portable.
  • With VoIP cost and features are usually the big difference. Cost is less with VoIP in most cases. VoIP systems offer more features. These systems are mobile.
Can you help us with our Cloud migration?

Yes. We can help you find the best options, plan and support your move to the Cloud. First, you need to tell us what you need; data backup, email hosting, file hosting, and voice service, with or without encryption.