5 Reasons Your Business Needs Managed IT Support in St Louis

The managed-services market is expected to be worth nearly $200 billion this year. IT support in St. Louis is in high demand, and if your business isn’t taking part, you could be missing out on a chance to be more successful. Here’s how managed IT support can help your company thrive.

Better Reliability

Small businesses often don’t have employees who have the knowledge necessary to do the job. Even if you want an in-house team, outsourcing provides you with the knowledge and experience to get things off the ground while better training your in-house employees. Issues and other concerns are handled more quickly and with a better understanding, which not only makes your job easier but also shows your clients that you’re serious about providing reliable service for them.

Proactive Maintenance

If you are inexperienced or otherwise too busy to deal with your IT infrastructure, you must hire outsourced management. Your outsourced team can spend time ensuring your network is up to spend and dependable and can even provide round-the-clock monitoring that you simply can’t do on your own. This further ensures you catch vulnerabilities and potential threats before they become larger issues that are much harder to contain.

Freed-Up Staff

Hiring outside IT support in St. Louis frees up your internal IT staff for other types of IT work. When your internal staff is available, they can increase productivity in the areas of strategic planning and their own areas of expertise to ensure your company continues to thrive.

Better Security Compliance

If you or your internal IT staff aren’t used to dealing with security breaches, you could find that you’re living in constant fear. Hiring a specialized staff ensures that every electronic device connected to your network is safe and free of the type of problematic viruses and worms that make it easier for cyber thieves to steal your information or the information of your customers. This includes employee computers, company servers, laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. An outsourced staff can also help to ensure your employees are sticking to compliance guidelines if you work in a health or legal industry that requires you to provide extra layers of protection for your clients’ personal information.

Increased Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing your IT needs is more cost-effective. For one thing, if your company is small enough, you may not need a full-time IT team, so hiring one will cost you more than if you enter into a contract with an agency that works as independent contractors. IT contractors can also help you save money by preventing you from using outdated equipment that could lead to large, expensive data breaches in the future. They’ll work with you to ensure your labor and maintenance costs fit your budget and that your hardware, software, and network infrastructure all use the most innovative technology and protections.

Now that you know why you need to outsource your IT support in St. Louis, the hardest part is to choose the right company to meet your own business needs. Look for a company such as NWO IT Services, which offers a wide range of services at affordable prices. You’ll need a team that can handle your infrastructure and ensure it’s up to date while also providing help desk services for your employees or clients, teaching you and your employees how to use cloud computing effectively, and much more. Always choose a business that has high-quality customer service and excellent reviews from former clients.

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10 Ways That Managed IT Services Can Improve Your Business

Without a Managed IT Service running a company in the modern business world can feel a little like practicing to become a professional juggler. As a manager or business owner, you need the ability to keep several plates in the air, all while knowing that it can be a messy end of the show if one of them drops. One of the most important things to realize, though, is that no manager is perfect or omniscient. It is impossible to shoulder all of this stress on your own, especially in business areas where you may have little expertise. For example, if you are not a tech wizard, the addition of managed IT services can strongly improve your work product. An IT company can help in managing your technological queries, as well as implement resources like VOIP (voice over IP, also known as IP telephony) or cloud solutions to enhance workflow in your company.

Interested? Here are the top 10 reasons an IT service could be the right fit for your company:

Assistance Tailored to Your Specific Needs

No matter the size of your company or the type of work you do, a high-quality IT service provider can discuss the options available to resolve your issues. Customizable plans can be made to benefit you and your customers, whether you have minimal tech needs or would prefer access to a full team of IT consultants.

Round-the-Clock Help from Managed IT Services

Hopefully, you have not experienced the stress of a phone call in the middle of the night to inform you that a server is broken or your company internet has stopped working. As the saying goes, “hope for the best but plan for the worst.” A top-notch IT service company can be there to help you 24/7. In trusting your technology with the care of managed IT services, you can rely less on hope and more on the confidence of knowing that help is only a phone call away.

Greater Freedom for In-House IT Employees

Hiring the services of an external IT service provider may cause rumbles with your in-house IT staff. However, the IT service is not meant to replace your IT team. Rather, it provides extra insurance that if a major tech problem happens, then the managed IT services company can handle it. In doing so, your IT team will not face disruption to their projects and can continue their work more smoothly.

Solid Emergency Back-Up Plans

Your in-house IT team would not be the only staff members affected if your servers or e-mails go down. The rest of your employees would not be able to do their work to the regular quality standard, which means your customers can also be affected. With the ability to bring in IT service provider technicians, your technological problems can be solved quickly and expertly, saving your company time and money.

Knowledge of Modern Technological Advances

Considering how busy you are in running your company, when would you find the time to thoroughly research new tech products? It can be confusing and exhausting to compare and price out recent products. Part of providing professional service in the IT sector involves staying on top of new developments in technology. For example, the replacement of standard phone services with business-level VOIP systems can improve the quality of your calls while saving money. An IT service provider can advise you on the best investments in new technology to optimize your productivity.

Better Security for Improved Peace of Mind

Managed IT services pride themselves on the strong security they offer to their clients. Your work product is sensitive information, which makes it valuable to competitors and hackers. The security offered by an IT service provider creates a dependable stronghold around your business assets to protect them from any attacks.

Priceless Savings Over Time

Some managers balk at hiring the services of an external IT team, citing higher costs for work that could probably be done in-house. However, this kind of cost-cutting can actually be more expensive in the long run. Consider the lower overhead costs afforded by an external team, as well as the benefit of being able to expect a pre-budgeted expense each month. You can rest a little easier knowing that whatever problems occur, they will likely be less costly than if you did not have back-up managed IT services to help.

Flexibility for Future Growth

An IT service provider can help plan for the future expansion of your business. You may have an idea of paths to take, but be unsure of how to implement new products or systems. With more growth comes increased technological needs, so a competent IT advisor can assist in charting a solid path with added support no matter how your company changes.

Comprehensive Understanding of Compliance Regulations

The modern technological world is always evolving, which means that legal regulations are constantly changing as well. Avoid the confusion of trying to ensure perfect compliance on your own and hire the services of an external IT company. Part of their job is to make sure that their work product is legally compliant at all levels, which can give you more time to manage your company instead of untangling complicated laws.

Expert Experience and Knowledge

Though you may try, it can be next to impossible to fill your in-house IT team with experienced staff who have decades of experience. Tech wizards either may not live in your area or they may expect more compensation than your company can afford. In hiring the assistance of managed IT services, you can rely on help from teams filled with experts on modern technology.

Trusting the care of your business’ technology with an external company can make any manager wary. However, the benefits of strong cybersecurity, stable Wi-Fi and VOIP systems, modern network management strategies and reliable network maintenance are substantial arguments in favor of consulting with a company providing managed IT services today. As a manager, you can free up mental bandwidth as well as financial savings, which you can directly apply towards other important matters in running your company.


4 Reasons Why Every Business Needs IT Support

No matter what type of business you have, it can benefit in many ways from having professional IT support. Not only can these services improve the cybersecurity of your company, but they also have the potential to increase your workplace’s overall success. If you haven’t made the switch yet, it’s a good idea to consider the benefits of hiring an expert IT team. Here are some of the main reasons why every business needs to invest in reliable IT services.

1. Enhanced Security

One of the most important things you have to think about as a business owner is the security of your company’s data. This information is crucial to the success and safety of your business, and it’s vital to keep it guarded properly. When you have a professional IT support team behind you, you don’t have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands. These experts can help you keep all of your information backed up safely and protect it from hackers. In addition, IT services ensure that you can access your data in the event of a power outage or storm.

2. More Productive Employees

When your business’s technology is running more smoothly, your employees can spend more time focusing on their individual jobs. Constantly dealing with computer viruses and other issues can slow your company down and hinder your workers’ overall productivity. Not only can you address problems faster with the help of reliable IT support, but you can also enjoy streamlined technology that is designed to increase efficiency in the workplace. In this way, the technology itself can help your employees produce more focused and effective work.

3. Increased Organization

Whether your business is large or small, you probably have countless files to keep track of on a daily basis. Organizing all of these files on your own can quickly become an overwhelming task. However, there’s no need to take on this job by yourself when you can receive the help you need from IT services. From sorting important data to managing your clients’ information, a trusted IT support team can expertly handle the responsibilities that you can’t take care of alone.

4. Peace of Mind

Running a business is no easy task. You already have a lot on your plate, and trying to handle your company’s IT issues is another cause of unnecessary stress. IT professionals have the knowledge and resources that are needed to solve any technology-related problem that may arise. Once you hand this responsibility over to a skilled IT team, you can focus your energy on running a successful business and leave your computer worries behind.

Preserve the Reputation of Your Business With IT Support

Investing in IT services can boost your business’s reputation and help it rise above its competitors. By choosing to take advantage of these services, you can keep your company protected against harm and boost the productivity of your employees in the long run. Whether you’re looking for on-site or remote tech support, NWO IT Services can help you run your business more effectively and with increased security.

How Managed Services Help Your Business

The traditional approach to IT management has been to fix things that are broken with a phone call to an IT expert, whether it be one of your own or a third party. Lengthy and unproductive downtime costs the company money, not to mention the expense of fixing the system. By developing a relationship with the professionals of NWO IT Services, LLC delivering managed IT services in St. Louis, you do more than just avoid delays and costly repairs. There are several benefits from changing to managed IT services over a break-fix system.

Lower Operating Costs

As a premier provider of network monitoring and support services in the St Louis Missouri region, we help your company lower operating expenses. Your IT costs become more predictable, with packaged services being paid on an annual or monthly basis. Network maintenance and repair can costs business thousands, but an MSP can shield you from the unexpected repair bills and lost productivity while waiting on a fix.

Minimized Downtime

Though broken or failed equipment is a frequent contributor to downtime, network security concerns are the growing threat for companies. Server malfunctions and human error increase the risks of a cybersecurity breach, an incident bringing a catastrophic impact on a company and all those who are connected with it. As a trusted managed service provider in the St Louis area, we can give you peace of mind that your network and all important data is secure. Safeguarding critical information from the attacks of hackers and ransomware is a multi-faceted and time-consuming effort that an in-house IT team may not be properly trained to address. With our remote support, you don’t have to risk unintentional exposure to such threats.

Increased Scalability

For the small business owner, budget constraints influence every decision. In-house IT teams carry a hefty price tag, often leading to understaffed departments with low resources and precious little time. You have a better chance of leveraging technology to your advantage with the cost-effective alternative of an MSP. You aren’t continually spending money on training or trying to coordinate new equipment with operators. You have the benefit of utilizing professional services for your critical needs, whether those needs rise or fall. Resources become more flexible and efficient, as the service solutions we provide take advantage of automation, cloud service and artificial intelligence. All of our assets work for the greater good of your IT needs.

Professional Prevention

Rather than waiting on an incident to send your company into disaster recovery mode, a partnership with our managed services company gives you professional prevention against an IT crisis. Though the data center is off-site from your location, our watchful eye is always on the lookout for a glitch in the operating system or weakness in a firewall. Our technology solutions are proactive rather than reactive, allowing you to avoid security breaches or equipment failure. A choice with us provides cost-saving preventative service solutions.

Make the Choice

At NWO IT Services, LLC, we have a top-notch team of IT experts waiting to give your business a helping hand. You can have an entire arsenal of cybersecurity defenses and network support for your IT needs by making the call to 314-270-9492.

Why Managed IT Services Are More Important Than Ever

The unprecedented situations and uncertainties of 2020 affected how the world does business. Small businesses and large corporations alike had to learn how to make even more use of technology, with those who didn’t already have an in-house IT team struggling to figure out how to navigate the new terrain. As the year comes to an end, many business owners are realizing just how important managed IT services in St. Louis and beyond are.

The Need for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity was an increasing concern even before the pandemic, but hackers have tried to go above and beyond to take advantage of unprepared medical facilities and other industries in 2020. Experts predict a ransomware attack will occur roughly every 10 seconds in 2021. Using a password manager and turning on multi-factor authentication only takes your company so far.

IT experts have extensive training and keep themselves updated on trends and technology in the industry. They know when new threats occur and can handle them more quickly and efficiently than most business owners could on their own. They can also train you and your staff to know the signs of a cyber threat and avoid falling victim, which further protects your company’s sensitive information.

Managed IT Services Are More Efficient

If you run a small business, maintaining an in-house IT department likely costs more than you need to spend. Managed IT services let you hire professionals as you need them, meaning you don’t pay for services you don’t need and get a higher return on your investment. Hiring experts only when you need them also means you can use your company space more efficiently and your own time more effectively. You can work with a managed IT team when you’re installing new technology, suspect you may have been the victim of a breach, or need remote support, but keep the rest of your time, space, and budget free for other endeavors.

Are you ready to learn more about hiring experts to provide managed IT services in St. Louis? Ask NWO IT Services, LLC what we can do to help your business run safely and smoothly!

Top Tech Challenges for Businesses in 2020

Whether you groom dogs, sell real estate, or manage a restaurant, operating a business is never just one responsibility—it’s an always-on, never-ending adventure, but when you love what you do, it’s worth it. Of course, most small business owners are not particularly passionate about cyber security and network security. You might know it’s important, but it’s not your expertise. Managed IT services St Louis can help keep you covered, tech-wise, so your energy is spent doing what you love. Investing in managed IT services is the best way to avoid the following tech challenges that have plagued businesses throughout 2020.

Technology Solutions for Common Problems

Businesses in the St. Louis area have faced a lot this year. You might be a pro at leveraging technology for marketing and sales, but the last thing you need to worry about is network monitoring or data center management. Some of the most common tech challenges businesses encounter include the following:

  • Operating system malfunctions
  • Disaster recovery
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Hardware failure
  • Remote support failures

The beauty of support services in St. Louis, Missouri is the accessibility—never worry about calling an international tech support line again. Help is at home.

Tackle the Obstacles Hindering Your Business

Every minute you spend on a computer is a minute away from a customer. A managed service provider MSP can take the tech stress away and help your small business thrive like never before. NWO IT Services, LLC is the most cost effective professional services provider, and we are the services company of choice for St. Louis clientele seeking straightforward tech management.

Let us make 2021 less stressful than 2020 was and take tech issues off the list of things to worry about. Our professionals are passionate about helping small business owners get the most out of technology and eliminate the stress that it can cause. Reach out to NWO IT Services, LLC for more information on how we can help you thrive in 2021.