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Network Management
Our Network Management involves security, performance, and reliability. You want to ensure your network is protected, running to speed, and increasing productivity. Our Network Management assists your business in doing so in the following:


Securing the safety of your data, information, and any asset stored on the computer should be a top priority of any business.  Our Network Management can protect your network’s integrity, confidentiality, and accessibility.


Having reliable connectivity, providing a quality network, and eliminating network issues are some things that our services can provide for your business. We provide support when any Wi-Fi related issues may arise.  Keeping your Wi-Fi running smoothly is essential to your business.

Network Maintenance

In order to work efficiently, you need a system that is operating effortlessly. Having Network Maintenance can overall increase the level of productivity in your business. We take care of any technical issue which allows you to have more time and save more money. We can keep your network functioning properly to ensure your business stays efficient.


Installing New & Upgrading Current Systems
If you want to improve your current digital platform, or you’re ready to install a new system, our experts will help every step of the way. First and foremost, our IT professionals perform on-site evaluations. During this time, they investigate your business’ needs and seek out areas of improvement. They analyze each facet of your system to identify vulnerabilities, optimization improvements, and upgrade or replacement needs.

After identifying your issues, we work with you in developing a strategy that is tailored toward your business’ specific needs. Our main goal is to organize a plan that works best for you and your business. This collaborative effort ensures your system will ensure we address all key areas and provide a smooth delivery of the network or other systems. We specialize in both hardware and software installation, giving you the most options available.

Delivery & Installation At Your Convenience
Before delivery, we review the environment and implementation plan to minimize business interruption.

The delivery will take place at a time most convenient for you. At delivery, we do a full check out with the client. Before we leave, we confirm that all systems are working correctly, the client has the level of knowledge and understanding of the system that they requested, and that they can manage the system or network.

We provide all general support services and troubleshooting. This can be done on-site or remotely. We will also be your liason and work with third-party vendors to help you understand your options. Our goal us to get you back up and running better than ever with minimal downtime.

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10 Ways That Managed IT Services Can Improve Your Business

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Running a company in the modern business world can feel a little like practicing to become a professional juggler. As a manager or business owner, you need the ability to keep several plates in the air, all while knowing that it can be a messy end of the show if one of them drops. One of the most important things to realize, though, is that no manager is perfect or omniscient. It is impossible to shoulder all of this stress on your own, especially in business areas where you may have little expertise. For example, if you are not a tech wizard, the addition of managed IT services can strongly improve your work product. An IT company can help in managing your technological queries, as well as implement resources like VOIP (voiceover IP, also known as IP telephony) or cloud solutions to enhance workflow in your company.

Interested? Here are the top 10 reasons an IT service could be the right fit for your company:

1. Assistance Tailored to Your Specific Needs

No matter the size of your company or the type of work you do, a high-quality IT service provider can discuss the options available to resolve your issues. Customizable plans can be made to benefit you and your customers, whether you have minimal tech needs or would prefer access to a full team of IT consultants.

2. Round-the-Clock Help from Managed IT Services

Hopefully, you have not experienced the stress of a phone call in the middle of the night to inform you that a server is broken or your company internet has stopped working. As the saying goes, “hope for the best but plan for the worst.” A top-notch IT service company can be there to help you 24/7. In trusting your technology with the care of managed IT services, you can rely less on hope and more on the confidence of knowing that help is only a phone call away.

3. Greater Freedom for In-House IT Employees

Hiring the services of an external IT service provider may cause rumbles with your in-house IT staff. However, the IT service is not meant to replace your IT team. Rather, it provides extra insurance that if a major tech problem happens, then the managed IT services company can handle it. In doing so, your IT team will not face disruption to their projects and can continue their work more smoothly.

4. Solid Emergency Back-Up Plans

Your in-house IT team would not be the only staff members affected if your servers or e-mails go down. The rest of your employees would not be able to do their work to the regular quality standard, which means your customers can also be affected. With the ability to bring in IT service provider technicians, your technological problems can be solved quickly and expertly, saving your company time and money.

5. Knowledge of Modern Technological Advances

Considering how busy you are in running your company, when would you find the time to thoroughly research new tech products? It can be confusing and exhausting to compare and price out recent products. Part of providing professional service in the IT sector involves staying on top of new developments in technology. For example, the replacement of standard phone services with business-level VOIP systems can improve the quality of your calls while saving money. An IT service provider can advise you on the best investments in new technology to optimize your productivity.

6. Better Security for Improved Peace of Mind

Managed IT services pride themselves on the strong security they offer to their clients. Your work product is sensitive information, which makes it valuable to competitors and hackers. The security offered by an IT service provider creates a dependable stronghold around your business assets to protect them from any attacks.

7. Priceless Savings Over Time

Some managers balk at hiring the services of an external IT team, citing higher costs for work that could probably be done in-house. However, this kind of cost-cutting can actually be more expensive in the long run. Consider the lower overhead costs afforded by an external team, as well as the benefit of being able to expect a pre-budgeted expense each month. You can rest a little easier knowing that whatever problems occur, they will likely be less costly than if you did not have back-up managed IT services to help.

8. Flexibility for Future Growth

An IT service provider can help plan for the future expansion of your business. You may have an idea of paths to take, but be unsure of how to implement new products or systems. With more growth comes increased technological needs, so a competent IT advisor can assist in charting a solid path with added support no matter how your company changes.

9. Comprehensive Understanding of Compliance Regulations

The modern technological world is always evolving, which means that legal regulations are constantly changing as well. Avoid the confusion of trying to ensure perfect compliance on your own and hire the services of an external IT company. Part of their job is to make sure that their work product is legally compliant at all levels, which can give you more time to manage your company instead of untangling complicated laws.

10. Expert Experience and Knowledge

Though you may try, it can be next to impossible to fill your in-house IT team with experienced staff who have decades of experience. Tech wizards either may not live in your area or they may expect more compensation than your company can afford. In hiring the assistance of managed IT services, you can rely on help from teams filled with experts on modern technology.

Trusting the care of your business’ technology with an external company can make any manager wary. However, the benefits of strong cybersecurity, stable Wi-Fi and VOIP systems, modern network management strategies and reliable network maintenance are substantial arguments in favor of consulting with a company providing managed IT services today. As a manager, you can free up mental bandwidth as well as financial savings, which you can directly apply towards other important matters in running your company.

Affordable Small Business Managed IT Services

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Managed IT services have become more popular in recent years, and a significant number of companies and organizations now outsource their IT needs to some degree. In the past, only large companies had the privilege of utilizing managed services, but now, companies of all sizes have started to see the benefits of outsourcing their IT needs. When a company decides to hire a managed services company, they are essentially delegating their IT operations and tasks to a third-party, allowing them to focus more of their time and effort on other issues. If you are considering outsourcing your IT tasks, here are some ways hiring a managed IT services company can benefit you.

Avoiding Outdated IT Repair Models

Prior to the advent of managed service providers, businesses had very few options when a technical difficulty arose. If a desktop or network service ceased to function properly, the company was forced to contact an IT professional, who would then attempt to identify and correct the issue before any major problems could occur. Over time, however, this became an outdated, and expensive model for businesses of all sizes. Many companies found that instead of waiting for their system to fail, it would be easier and more cost effective to hire a provider of managed IT services to monitor their systems for them on a regular basis.

This makes perfect sense, especially considering modern companies rely more on automated systems and digital databases more now than at any other time in history. This means a system failure can result in major complications for most companies, and if it stays down for an extended period of time, a substantial loss of revenue and income is sure to follow. To prevent such occurrences, companies turned to providers of managed IT services.

Disadvantages of Not Using a Managed Service Provider

While it can be tempting to only hire an IT professional when something goes wrong, there are distinct disadvantages. Firstly, as mentioned above, there must be a problem before they can arrive to assess and correct it. This means that while your system is down and you are wasting time and money, you will be forced to wait for the IT professional. Once they arrive, if the problem is more extensive than originally thought, you may have to wait several additional days until the problem can be corrected.

When you work with a provider of managed IT services, you will not have to wait for the problem to be assessed and corrected over several days. You pay your service provider a monthly or yearly fee, and in return, your provider monitors all aspects of your IT system. There is no need to wait for a break, and if a problem arises, the service provider can start immediately working to repair it. You also don’t have to deal with the prospect of unreliable IT professionals who may not have the experience to handle your system’s needs.

As previously stated, hiring a provider of managed IT services was not popular in the past, primarily because independent IT professionals got the job done and there was no need to pay monthly fees. Unfortunately, the model was inefficient, and there was little to no accountability and assurance with independent IT professionals. This model was not beneficial for business owners for the following reasons:

  • Hourly rates can lead to independent providers slowing down service on purpose.
  • Stable solutions are not guaranteed – independent IT service providers will earn more every time you call them in.
  • The more significant an issue is, the more an independent IT provider will charge.

In short, all these reasons translate into higher costs and lower efficacy for business owners. When you decide to work with a managed IT services provider, you are choosing quality, expertise, and assurance over convenience. You simply shouldn’t have to wait until a problem arises to fix it – prevention is key.

On-Site IT Consultations

As a business owner, you may have your own unique IT goals in mind. By hiring a managed IT provider as a consultant, you can be one step closer to reaching them. Managed service providers can help you with every aspect of your IT strategy and budget, and help you finish your IT projects on time. The right managed IT services provider will also offer on-site consulting services, so there is no need to put aside large chunks of time to travel to another location.

IT Budgeting, Planning, and Strategy

As time progresses, you may decide you need a new approach to your IT system. An on-site consultant can help you do the following:

  • Plan and stick to a realistic IT budget.
  • Help you meet compliance requirements.
  • Conduct an extensive audit of your entire IT system.
  • Design and build a network that meets your business’ needs.
  • Upgrade your existing IT infrastructure.

When making a change to your IT system, it can be remarkably difficult to know where to start. The on-site consulting services of a managed IT services provider can make your life much easier and there is no need to leave your business or sacrifice your time. By staying abreast of current IT trends and incorporating them into your business approach, you can ensure your company remains competitive in modern times.

Network Security

Hardly a day goes by when a major government or retail data breach doesn’t make the evening news. This is a sign of the times, and as companies become more reliant on technology, hackers will work harder to bypass network technology. Fortunately, hiring a managed IT services provider can stop them in their tracks.

Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of cyber-attacks target small to medium-sized businesses, and unfortunately, most never recover from the fallout. Ransomware, data breaches, and run-of-the-mill cyber-attacks can be costly, but unfortunately, many small business owners do not believe they are at risk.

This is a potentially dangerous belief, and modern IT security is a bit more complex than installing antivirus programs and firewalls. Even mobile devices have become susceptible to hacks and breaches, and with your data in so many places, you must keep it secure. Modern providers of managed IT services now use a multi-pronged approach to IT security, involving backup and recovery solutions, business continuity plans, and even employee education. By working with a managed service provider, you can identify and prevent threats before they become a problem.

Voice-Over Internet Protocol Services

Traditional phone lines have long been a staple of the business world. Contracts, disrupted service, and high-priced plans can be disadvantageous to business owners who simply need a reliable and cost-effective way to communicate. Fortunately, voice-over internet protocol, abbreviated VOIP, is becoming far more popular. VOIP technology allows users to use a broadband internet connection instead of a traditional phone line to make calls, allowing them to save money and avoid contracts.

Managed IT services providers can help businesses install and manage VOIP, and the costs will be included in their overall bill. This means there is no charge for making calls since you will be using your own broadband connection. With VOIP, you can make local, long-distance, and international phone calls for little to no cost.

Computer Upgrades and Repair

Many companies offering managed IT service also offer personal computer repair services. Your business relies on your computers and mobile devices but ensuring they have all the necessary software and hardware upgrades can be difficult for most people. Annoying popup ads, slow running times, and overheating can also put a damper on your day-to-day operations. Before you spend large amounts of cash on new computers, you will want to contact your managed IT services provider.

Computers overloaded with unnecessary programs, viruses, and malware can compromise your operations, and your data as well. This is not only an inconvenience but a security hazard as well. When this occurs, cleaning off your computer may be your only option. A managed services provider can remove the previously mentioned hazards and ensure your operating system runs smoothly without issue.

Saving Time and Money With Managed IT Services

Let’s be honest – as a business owner, your primary goal is to generate as much revenue as possible while reducing costs. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do without a clear and effective IT plan. An IT professional every time a problem arises can be expensive, as can hiring a team of IT professionals. If you don’t want to spend the money to hire your own IT department may be just what you need.

For every minute you spend tending to problems with your network you lose a minute that could be spent on other business affairs. Instead of worrying about complicated IT issues, you and your employees can channel your business. This can also increase productivity and boost revenue at the same time.

The IT Services Your Company Needs to Thrive

Small and mid-sized companies have unique IT needs that can only be understood by a professional IT service provider. Your data, network, and computers are too valuable to compromise, and here at NWO IT Services, we realize that. NWO offers an array of affordable and efficient managed IT services.  The tools your business needs to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven business world.


The Complete Guide to Managed IT Services and How It Can Benefit Your Business

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Technology is ever-present in the modern workforce. From billion dollar companies to one-person food stands there is no getting away from the need to use modern technology. Unfortunately, not everyone can be a technology whiz, and that means the need for IT support has never been greater.  One excellent option for companies in need of tech support is to turn to managed IT services.

What Is Managed IT Services?

When companies need technical support but don’t have the resources or need to staff an IT department full time, managed IT services is the solution. It grants your business access to an outside company to handle your technology related questions and concerns. This allows you to get premier technical support that would otherwise be unattainable within your current business structure. The level of services received is variable based on the particular needs of a given company, with some businesses opting to receive only emergency support while others handle all of their technology related assistance through an outside service provider.

Why Turn to Managed IT Services

On a basic level the appeal of using outside IT services with your business is the ability to get the technology assistance you need at rates which make sense for your company. Your IT services partner will provide many benefits for your company. Read on to learn some of the best boosts your company will receive when you turn to managed IT professionals.

Don’t Let Your IT Needs Distract You

Technology is a vast field and it takes years of study and experience to master it. Your business is no different. When you turn to managed IT services to handle your tech needs it frees you up to focus on the things which you and your employees excel at, while your IT professionals do what they excel at. Trying to handle your IT issues yourself, or handing responsibility off to your employees to handle their own issues, is an inefficient system which leads to wasted work hours better spent focusing on what your company does best.

Stay On the Cutting Edge

Few fields evolve as quickly as the tech sector. With a professional firm handling your IT you can be sure that you won’t miss out on the latest innovations. Technology professionals can help you to keep your business operating with the most up to date technologies to gain a leg up on your competition.

Smart Spending Is More Affordable

One of the biggest mistakes that a business can make when it comes to technology and software is trying to cut corners with inferior products. While you may save money buying bargain rate products, when you’re forced to replace them for better options more quickly than you would have needed to with a better initial purchase you ultimately spend more money. With managed IT services you can receive guidance on what you need and the support to keep your purchases working for as long as possible.

Professional IT Is Better for Customers

You and your employees are not the only ones who benefit from having professionals in charge of your IT services. When your customers get in touch to relay a problem and the individual on the other end of the phone is not prepared to help them it leads to a poor experience for your client. An unhappy client is not likely to remain a client for long. With managed IT services you know that you have top notch technical support to keep the people who patronize your business happy.

Keep Your Business Secure

Quality IT support is about more than just keeping things working on a day to day basis. The unfortunate reality of the modern world is that no business is small enough to be too small to target for digital crimes like hacking. If your web presence and company hardware were not professionally set-up by an IT professional there is a good chance that there are holes in your safety net. With managed IT services you get the piece of mind of knowing that you are protected against outside threats.

Less Downtime Means More Profits

When you’re experiencing technological difficulties it can cause significant harm to your bottom line. As businesses turn more and more to technology it becomes increasingly important to not lose that access. With managed IT services you get the piece of mind of knowing that when things go wrong you have highly trained professionals to fix it. That means less time operating below peak levels and more profit.

Lower Risk Levels

Anytime you extend your business out into a new area of operation it brings new risks into the picture. When you have your technology decisions backed up by a managed IT services company you can lower your exposure to risk on technology issues. Having expert advice helps you to make the best possible decisions to minimize your exposure to risk.

Make a Small Business Feel Big

Not every company is a Fortune 500 behemoth, but that doesn’t mean that a small company has to feel like a mom and pop operation, either. With professional managed IT services you get access to the level of high end service that larger businesses with in-house IT departments receive, without having to expose your company to the costs of maintaining a full-time staff. It’s the best of both worlds.

No Two Businesses Are Alike

Every business has its own unique blend of needs and resources. Whether you’re a small company with just a few employees or an office with hundreds of employees, what you have in common is that your business is one of a kind. That means that even diligent research on your IT needs is not enough to truly get a custom plan for your business. With managed IT services you receive expert advice to carefully tailor your technology to the specific needs of your business.

If you’ve been considering making a search for “managed IT services near me,” there has never been a better time. There are so many benefits to relying on professionals that every day your business lacks IT services is another day of lost profits. Get in touch with managed IT professionals today to see how your business can benefit from making the switch.


The Top Benefits of Hiring Managed IT Services


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Managing Corporate Presence in the Digital Age

Managing a corporate presence in the digital age is no small task. The multifaceted approaches to collaboration, information management, security and strategy mean that business owners and top-level executives are stretching themselves thin as they attempt to manage a growing number of responsibilities with the same-old itemized budgets. Unfortunately, this increased level of multitasking can lead to unfortunate oversights which lead to potential security threats and breaches, but that is where managed IT services come into play.

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer a service solution that can streamline your company’s network services and applications while simultaneously focusing on security and performance. How is this possible? Because, unlike you, their business is information technology, which means that their bottom line is based on the security and solutions they provide. Where you have to focus on fiscal quarters, visibility and strategy, they are focused on ensuring that you are protected. Think of MSPs like necessary security; they focus on the potential threats so you can focus on growing your business. However, security is only one benefit to hiring managed IT services.


As economic boundaries blur in favor of a more globalized business approach collaboration becomes paramount to strategic and fiscal success. Not only are the tools and applications used important to this aspect of business, but also the tool’s sustainability and dependability are vital to clear communication across a diverse and dispersed workforce. Therefore, it is crucial to manage these applications to ensure the continued success of your operation, and while an on-site IT department may be able to handle basic oversights, it is better to outsource to a firm specializing in managed IT services.

These specialized firms will likely have expertise in several collaboration applications, such as Cisco Unified Communications, Microsoft Skype for Business, SharePoint and Exchange. This expertise means that you are hiring not only skilled application managers but also professional trainers, capable of helping your company handle the learning curve associated with these digital work environments. These professionals allow you to worry about your business while leaving the technical maintenance and operational concerns with them.

Digital and Information Management 

Possibly the most significant benefit of using managed IT services is the relief that comes from understanding that your firm’s integral data and network are being protected. Hiring an MSP is like hiring a specialized security force made up of skilled engineers and data scientists. These companies are digital watchdogs, and they specialize in at least four types of IT management.

  1. Database Management:
    The management of data throughout its lifecycle is referred to as Database management. However, this term refers to the manipulation and control of data, primarily to ensure security and application performance. An MSP will help protect your firm from the adverse conditions that result from rapid data growth.
  2. Network Management:
    Referring to the efficiency, reliability and capabilities of data transfer channels, network management is the use of applications and procedures to maintain and operate your network systems properly. Managed IT services will utilize these procedures and tools to monitor and secure your network
  3. Storage Management:
    Storage management is the process of collecting data without restricting the output of your system and network. In other words, memory management ensures that your network is not bogged down by superfluous The solution will likely utilize platforms like Azure Storage, Dell EMC Storage, NetApp FAS Series Storage or HPE & Nimble Storage.
  4. IT Systems Management
    Referring to the processes and procedures that allow for rapid business responses, IT systems management involves the overseeing of your networks day-to-day operations, ensuring that the design of your data center is capable of sustaining your business model. Managed IT services essentially take charge of this task, running the information technology systems in your firm’s data center.

Beyond providing an essential management and administration structure, an MSP is there to work for you. They want to ensure that your enterprise is not only sustainable but capable of growth, meaning that the right MSP is like a tactical and silent business partner. It is their job to ensure the functionality of your network and the security of your information. It is their job to help you meet the growing demands of an eclectic workforce. You should be worried about business strategy and growth, not about whether you can contact your employees or download that annual report for the board members. You are responsible for managing your employees, but an MSP is responsible and accountable for your IT network.

Single Point Accountability

Hiring a managed IT services provider in the St. Louis area means you can focus on your bottom line and rest assured that your application management concerns are being handled. Applications, while excellent tools for organization and reaching out, are time-consuming. Allowing these tools to be managed remotely provides you and your business the opportunity to worry about strategic goals and objectives. Most IT services will provide management for several types of software and applications.

  • Collaboration Applications: Cisco Unified Communications, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Microsoft Dynamics, including AX 2009, 2012 and Dynamics365
  • Oracle E-Business Suite, OBIEE and Oracle Database
  • SAP
  • Other Microsoft technologies: SQL, .NET, and Active Directory

In addition to providing solutions for network services and providing time for you and your company to focus on strategy, managed IT services provide a single point of accountability. Your solution is not departmentalized and separated from the managers and the source. You know who to talk to, and they will have all your information, providing security, reliability and accountability.

Security and Compliance

While both business and technology are turning toward cloud services, budgets are getting tighter due to changing economic structures. Therefore, to manage and secure information technology platforms, companies are seeking cost-effective service offerings. Managed IT services are a potential solution offering the services every business depends on for data integrity.

  • Data encryption: The first step in information security, data encryption protects sensitive data from threats, both internal and external.
  • Log management: As devices continuously log activity, it is easy for security threats to go unnoticed. IT services ensure that threats and vulnerabilities are fixed before they become problematic.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): To protect your data, managed IT services must know who accesses it and who or what event poses a threat, which is the point of SIEM implementation.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention: IT professionals will also help you develop a detection and prevention plan, as well as implement it and monitor potential threats.

Cyber threats are not going away, meaning that there is a growing need for IT security professionals. However, in addition to focused and customized planning and protection, hiring one managed service provider (MSP) can actually lower overhead costs without sacrificing security.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

In the ever-changing world of technology and corporate advancements, it has become essential to focus on backup and disaster recovery in information management. Managed IT services provide the security that these fundamental aspects of your corporate identity are taken care of, ensuring that reputation, revenues and profits are secure. IT service solutions offer peace of mind through network monitoring and managing of your company’s information infrastructure, providing you with reduced risk and reliability, and this is achieved through financially backed Uptime SLAs, meaning that you can free up resources while receiving both customizable and flexible IT solutions.

Disaster recovery solutions are not cookie-cutter solutions; they are designed for your business’s specific needs. Additionally, through managed IT services you will receive assistance in running essential DR tests to ensure protection. These real and mock tests help determine any potential weaknesses in the plan to ensure that if a real disaster occurs your company’s information is secure. These disaster recovery services are compatible with several technologies, including:

  • Azure Site Recovery
  • VMware Site Recovery Manager
  • Zerto

Backup management is handled through remote support, allowing your business to focus on furthering strategic initiatives. These experts manage and monitor your data 24/7, ensuring that all sensitive material is protected and that your database is running efficiently. The operational support you receive through managed IT services will be in any number of technologies, including:

  • Avamar
  • Veeam
  • ReliaCloud BaaS
  • Data Domain
  • Azure Backup

As a business in the digital age, it is essential to ensure adaptability and continuity of service, but that is easier said than done. A company that chooses to handle all IT issues in-house is potentially creating a more significant problem than they are solving. True, homegrown IT departments are beneficial because they offer on-site assistance in the event of an emergency, and in most cases, on-site IT is essential to business development. However, while an in-house team is somewhat effective, they will most likely be limited in their ability to fully and effectively secure your facility from digital threats. Managed IT services, companies designed to secure and solve all your information technology woes, are better equipped to handle digital maleficence because it is what they were designed to do. From management, accountability, security and recovery if necessary, these companies and services provide peace of mind while simultaneously freeing up budgetary dollars, meaning that the benefits offered are well worth the costs.

Top 5 Reasons To Make The Switch To Managed IT Services

 managed it

There is a lot to keep track of when you run a business, and if you’re not careful it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. As the modern working environment becomes increasingly tied to the use of digital technology, the need for proper digital security and tech support is more important than ever. Unfortunately, when there’s so much going on at your business, it’s not always easy to stay on top of your technology needs. That’s why so many companies are making the move over to managed IT services for their technological needs.

When you work with an IT Service Management firm, it makes satisfying your company’s technological needs easier. Your managed IT service providers take care of your IT support, digital security and more. With professionals who specialize in the field, your managed IT services help you to get the best results without breaking the bank. Here are five great reasons your company needs to make the switch to managed IT services today.

Spend Your Time Doing What You Do Best

You and the rest of the employees at your company were hired to do specific jobs for specific reasons — because you’re good at what you’re there to be doing. When you’re dealing with technological problems which cause you to be distracted from your work and instead spend time dealing with your devices, you’re not doing what you are good at. Managed IT service providers are good at handling your technological needs, so let them do it for you.

When you employ outside managed IT services, when something goes wrong in the technological sphere you can turn to your IT professionals to get the problem solved efficiently. This frees you and your employees up to keep doing what you do best, while also getting your problems fixed as soon as possible. Time spent trying to figure out problems which are better left to IT professionals is time wasted, and wasted time means wasted money for your company.

Managed IT Services Allow Efficiency to Flourish

Keeping you and your employees working on the things you do best isn’t the only way working with managed IT services helps to make your employees work hours more efficient. When you have IT professionals monitoring the digital side of your company, it helps to ensure that everything is operating at a peak level within your organization. They’ll help to identify potential areas where you are already operating inefficiently and suggest changes that make the process smoother. This makes your employee’s lives easier, and helps them to accomplish more each day, too. It’s a win-win!

These same efficiency benefits come into play when working with your clients as well. The assistance of your managed IT services professionals helps you to iron out any wrinkles in the way you interact with the clients who keep your company running. An improved experience for clients means happier clients, and happier clients are more loyal customers. By adding managed IT services to your company to smooth out your client relations process, you will improve client retention as well as your close rates with potential new customers.

Save Money While Staying on the Cutting Edge

Technology is a rapidly changing field, and it can be hard to stay on the cusp of the wave when you’re not devoting your entire work day to living in the tech realm. When you’re handling your own IT services and doing the best you can, it can often lead to a great deal of wasteful spending on products or services you don’t need. The next company to drop a hefty investment into a new software only to discover in a few months there is a superior option they need will be far from the first to fall into that trap. With managed IT services you have technology professionals whose entire job is staying on top of not only what’s the latest technology, but what the next one is, too.

They can find the times where you’re better off spending a little more now on something with staying power, to avoid spending more in the long run when you have to replace the bargain alternative too quickly. You also get access to your IT professionals knowledge of modern technology to let you jump on the next trend before it hits the mainstream, giving you a leg up on the competition.

Security is Essential for All Businesses

Many small business owners make the mistake of thinking their company is too small to need to worry about the threats of cyber intrusion. Whether you’re running a Fortune 500 business or a mom and pop operation, in the modern world there is no avoiding the need to be connected, and with connection comes exposure. That’s where managed IT services providers come into play. Your IT professionals will assess your digital infrastructure and help you to secure it immediately. This helps to protect your company from outside threats which can harm your digital infrastructure, or compromise your clients’ personal information, harming your relationships with them.

A Custom Technology Plan for Your Company 

No two businesses are the same, and that’s why no two company’s digital structures should be the same, either. While you can learn some basics from reading online and applying the principles you learn there to your company, the only way to truly get the absolute best plan for your company is to trust the professionals. With managed IT services, you get a technological plan that is custom built to match your company and its needs. Custom fit means better results, which helps your bottom line.

If your company is ready to make the switch, you’re likely wondering, “how do I find the best managed IT services near me?” Just like any other potential business partner, the key is to find a company with proven results and happy clients of their own. This shows that they know what they are doing and will provide that same high quality work to your company. Once you’ve made the switch to using managed IT services, the only thing you’ll be left wondering is why it ever took you so long to get started.

Top 9 Reasons You Need Managed IT Services

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The dependability of your IT solutions team can make or break your business. From voiceover IP support to data security and storage, it’s important to make the most informed decision possible about your IT solutions so you can feel confident in moving forward in the digital age. Here are the top 10 reasons why you need to hire managed IT services for your organization today.

  1. 24-Hour Help Desk – Have you noticed that some of the worst IT issues come at the most inconvenient times? When your tech is down, you lose time and money. When your IT services are managed by a certified team, you can depend on 24-hour help for restoring that midnight backup or early morning update issue. Having a managed IT services team available to you when the issue hits is the best thing you can do to get your organization’s technology working at an optimal level as soon as possible.
  1. Business Technology Strategies – Doing business in the digital age means investing in technological solutions to financial and productivity issues. With managed IT services at your side, you can rest assured that experts in the industry will analyze any vulnerabilities and suggest improvements or upgrades that will positively affect the rest of your company. Strategizing the technological investments you make in your company will be much easier with knowledgeable IT professionals involved in the process.
  1. Voiceover IP – When it comes to business communication, it’s no longer enough to rely on fax machines and snail mail. The advantages in business communication of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) are too valuable to ignore. However, the challenges brought by this new kind of communication are best handled by an IT service team. When you invest in managed IT services, you are not only investing in the initial installation of these Internet-based services, you are also guaranteeing continued support through any bugs or issues that may arise.
  1. System Upgradeability – As technological advancements continue to progress, the software you purchase today might be obsolete in less than five years. With a managed-service provider you trust, you will be able to install new systems or improve current digital platforms based on the advice you receive from experts in the industry. Whether it’s a decision about voiceover IP or an upgrade of your entire server, a collaborative effort between your organization and your provider will bring you up to speed with the relevant technology for your industry.
  1. Data Recovery – There is nothing worse than finishing up the final touches to any document when the screen suddenly goes black. Forgot to save? If you’re lucky, a temporary copy was saved for you by the program. If not, you’re out of luck. Now imagine the same scenario, but on a larger scale. When the server goes down, your organization’s data is susceptible to corruption. By forming a business relationship with a managed IT services provider today you’re investing in a form of data recovery insurance. If your server goes down with a backup procedure already in place and a helpline at the touch of a button, you’ll be able to have peace of mind that your business will be running at optimum capacity in no time.
  1. Data Security – Another key aspect of a managed IT services provider is the security of your company’s information. Having an expert in data security on your side will allow you to make decisions regarding company-wide firewalls and antivirus software. While it may not seem like these security measures are at the top of your priority list, having this software and hardware installed and monitored by experts in the IT field will make this one less thing you have to worry about in your business endeavors. You will be free to make the important decisions in the industry you know, while any issues with your daily tech use will be handled with care by your provider.
  1. Cost Advantages – For non-technologically based organizations, it can be hard to retain IT talent. High turnover in this important role can cause chaos when problems arise. A company skilled in providing managed IT services can be advantageous when comparing the cost of a single in-house IT expert with a service provider. Put it this way, a managed-service provider won’t give you a two week’s notice in pursuit of a higher salary. Your payment plan will certainly be an investment but will also allow you to retain predictability as far as your technology services are concerned. If your organization regularly employs IT personnel, hiring a managed-service provider can allow your IT department to strategize and manage big-picture projects while the mundane tasks are outsourced into safe hands.
  1. Technical Knowledge – When it comes to the technical ins and outs of software licenses and server upgrades, most people just don’t have the education and background to make informed decisions about the introduction and integration of new software into their existing company infrastructure. Managed IT services give you access to the knowledge you lack in the form of professional advice. This way the decisions you make about VOIP, data security measures, and what router you need for your company Wifi will be more informed. You can feel secure knowing you were advised by professionals who understand the tech-speak that you don’t.
  1. Invested in Your Company – Unfortunately, there are quite a few IT consultants out there that just don’t have the manpower or desire to be as invested in your company as you are, which usually ends up with lackluster delivery of service. When it comes to an established managed IT services company, you know that your problems will be considered their problems until they are fixed. Not only will you have the helpline that you need when you need it, but you will also have the peace of mind that your service provider is as dependent upon the success of your company’s technology solutions as your organization.

Invest in the Best

When it comes to protecting your business, your IT service should be top of the list. With managed IT services, you can experience the peace of mind needed to be successful in data management, technological improvements, and VOIP communication. In this digital age, the future of your company lies in the optimal performance of your organization’s technology. By investing in the best MSP, you’re investing in your company’s future.


Top Signs You Need Managed IT Services


In the computer age, computers and technology are only becoming more powerful. Their efficiency is unrivalled, but likewise, they are becoming more complicated. Even small businesses tend to have a network of computers, business applications and mobile devices that they rely on. A small business that utilizes computers and technology is a smart company. It’s unadvisable to try to run a business without it. Nowadays, it’s near impossible to try. If you have a large network and multiple computers, along with software that boosts your efficiency, then you should be proud of it.


The only problem that comes along with computer networks is that having computer technology opens up the door for hackers to look for an access point. When you utilize technology, you should take extra care to maintain information security. This should be a major primary concern for you. You may not realize it but your computer networking system requires full time attention.


 If you’re a small business, you may not have the resources to create a team or an IT manager to run your system. Luckily, there are options available when you’re in this position. There are cost-effective methods that can solve your IT problems. Managed IT services handle all of your network maintenance without you having to hire new people. Here are some signs you need managed services.


You Require Regular and Dependable Maintenance


Operating systems and applications have to be up to date at all times. While this might sound like you need all of the latest features, that is not the only reason for updates. Operating systems and applications tend to have a variety of bugs. When the system updates, this is generally when patches and bug fixes are also available. Updated software also grants you with more security. In addition, your applications are more likely to run smoothly with the latest software.


If there are any security holes, later updates generally fix these. Your system depends on regular maintenance to function. In addition, managed IT services include data management and configuration. This allows your computer to run more efficiently and makes sure that only the right people have access to the network. You will see better response times and fewer bugs. If your system breaks down, the fixes are expensive and time consuming. It’s easier to have regular and dependable maintenance that you can count on before there’s a worse problem to deal with.


You Want Contact With IT Support


When it comes to having managed services, you also have access to a service desk. A service desk allows you to talk to a specialist about the specific problems that you might be having. If you’re having IT issues, then you want them resolved straight away. To have access to a professional that can offer you the niche support you need and when you need is invaluable. You don’t have to worry about trying to solve the problems or test out solutions within the company. Instead, you are able to get solutions from professionals that have experience and knowledge that can help you.


You Need Data Loss Protection

If you lose information during a system failure or due to ransomware or physical damage, the impact might be devastating. Managed IT services back up your system regularly. This means that you will always have access to files that you need to restore. Accidents happen and date becomes loss for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it’s a simple accident, whereas other times, the intent is more malicious. It doesn’t matter the intent behind it. What matters is that you still have access to it. You can even set up disaster recovery that will keep any downtime to a minimum.


You’re Seeking Information Security Access


Small corporations and large corporations alike have to worry about information security. All systems on the internet are targets when it comes to ransomware, data theft and more. It’s up to the IT specialist to keep a network completely safe from all potential access points. Managed IT services have the skills and tools to provide software patches, security software, spam protection and monitoring to protect your system thoroughly. The threats against networks are always changing and you need experts to take care of systems against attacks.


If you hire one professional to take care of your system, you won’t have enough protection. As quickly as everything changes and as much as the technician has to pay attention to, he or she would need a larger team. Even then, it’s much more effective to have a service with resources and knowledge.


You’re Searching for Cost Effective Solutions


If you’re hiring an IT team, you need to be aware of how much they tend to charge. IT teams demand high salaries and many small businesses cannot afford it. In addition, you can’t usually hire one IT professional and that’s all. There is so much information out there and there is so much that the IT professional has to take care of that one person isn’t enough.


While large companies may be able to hire a whole team, not all businesses can. If you have managed services, then you are able to share the cost with other customers. You aren’t getting worse results either. You receive the same service, if not more services with a managed service and for a fraction of the price.


Nowadays, every business has to utilize technology to make their business run more efficiently and to keep up with the competition. When it comes to computer systems, there are a lot of benefits. In fact, the benefits of having a quality computer network far outweighs not having one at all. Of course, in order to have a functioning system, you need to have regular and dependable maintenance. Computers and technology do not take care of themselves. You need an IT professional to help you get the most out of your network and to help keep you secure.


Hiring a team of your own is an expense that most small businesses can’t cover. When you use managed IT services, you know exactly what you’re getting. You receive cost-effective options, regular maintenance and security where you need it the most.